100% Cotton For Summer?

The English Text:

The season of summer in Australia officially begins on December 1. However, hot weather can be felt for some days earlier or after that date, depending on which part of the country a person lives in.

I live in a small town in Central Queensland where the summer began a long time before the month of December came along. The hot weather is quite extreme and can reach 42 degrees celsius. I cannot imagine how a person could have survived without AC or a fan in the past. Every time I leave my room, I feel as though I’m in a sauna, but one that is very dry! I start to sweat and feel that my skin is severely threatened.

This experience makes me try my best to survive. I think to myself, it’s not just technology that helps us overcome weather like this, but also fashion!

I read an article which explained the characteristics of various kinds of fabric. I found that cotton fabric is considered the most comfortable to wear in the summer. Is this true? And why?

I tried to prove it by wearing dresses made from 100% cotton throughout this week and to compare these dresses with my experiences wearing dresses made from different fabrics.

Summer Cotton Dress-4b

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