Feeling Fresh With Princess Highway

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It’s been ages since I’ve written for this blog. Quite a few things directed my attention elsewhere after my long holiday in Europe in April. I planned to write about my fashion experiences in Europe but my plans fell through. I hope to write about Europe in my next post.

This time I want to share my latest experience with some clothes from Princess Highway that display fresh and unique prints.

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A Long Journey: Emily and Fin Dresses from Talis

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Last month, November 2, 2018 to be exact, Talis, a fashion shop in Australia that sells fashion products from Europe, held a warehouse clearance sale in a Facebook group called ‘Talis Vintage Style’. Dresses usually priced at $150 were uploaded onto the group at a price of $50. This meant of course that all the members of the Facebook group competed with one another to buy the dresses as quickly as possible. And do you know which products caught my attention the most? Emily and Fin!

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