A Long Journey: Emily and Fin Dresses from Talis

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Last month, November 2, 2018 to be exact, Talis, a fashion shop in Australia that sells fashion products from Europe, held a warehouse clearance sale in a Facebook group called ‘Talis Vintage Style’. Dresses usually priced at $150 were uploaded onto the group at a price of $50. This meant of course that all the members of the Facebook group competed with one another to buy the dresses as quickly as possible. And do you know which products caught my attention the most? Emily and Fin!

Emily and Fin is a fashion brand from London which produces fine clothes, both in the modern and vintage style. I am interested, of course, in their dresses in the vintage style. I’ve been interested in trying their dresses for quite a while, but I was uncertain about the size. Because of this, when Talis held the big and remarkable sale event, I thought here is the best opportunity to try out Emily and Fin.

I recall that over the few days the sale was taking place, I was actually busy travelling by land from Central Queensland to Brisbane. The internet signal during the trip was unstable, but nonetheless I persisted in trying to join in with this event. And I was successful in winning three dresses from Emily and Fin which I had dreamed about, namely ADA Dress Romance is Born, Violet Dress Jade with White Polka Dots and Florence Dress Bed of Roses.

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