Are You a Wiggle or a Swing Voter? (Trying Out Elsie Dresses)

Today I threw out a question to my friends on the Facebook group ‘Wear All the Dresses’: “Are you a ‘wiggle’ or a ‘swing’ voter?” Of course what I was referring to was the ‘wiggle’ dress style, like the style in the photo to the right, and the ‘swing’ dress style, like in the photo to the left.

swing and wiggle edited

The results? I was not too surprised by them because they were similar to my predictions. However, I was interested in the reasons that followed.

From some friends who declared their position, 70% chose ‘swing’ and 30% declared a vote for both. This means there was not a single one who chose just the wiggle style. Why?

One of my friends said: “I love wiggles on other people but I don’t think they suit me. I feel more comfortable in a swing.” And others said: “I prefer swing, as I think it suits my body shape better.”

What was said by my friends on the Facebook group is actually the same with what I have felt all this while.

Nearly 100% of my collection of dresses are in the ‘swing’ or ‘fit and flare’ style. I always feel a little unconfident trying out ‘wiggle’ dresses because I have a rectangular body shape. Meanwhile, I always think that the wiggle style is very suitable for women who have an hour-glass body shape. Is this so?

These last few months I have seen a dress in the wiggle style worn by lots of women with various and different body shapes. And I felt that this dress looked good on them. For quite a while I had restrained myself from buying a wiggle dress, but I felt at last that this was the dress to start with.

Elsie dress-1.jpg

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