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‘Mata’ is ‘eye’ and ‘hari’ is ‘day’, but together, ‘matahari’ means ‘sun’! That’s Bahasa Indonesia. How very interesting it is to study a different language so that we can compare the differences or similarities between them. Imagining ‘matahari’ as ‘the eye of the day’ offers us a different imaginative perspective about an object. Don’t you think so?

I worked for four years as a Bahasa Indonesia teacher for foreign speakers at the language school Wisma Bahasa from 2013 until 2017. I taught both directly with students in the classroom and online, and discovered that teaching a second language is as fascinating as studying a second language.

I enjoyed the experience, meeting with lots of people from various countries who had traveled to Indonesia to study our language. Of course, meeting with them was not merely an exchange of language, but also an exchange of stories which introduced me to the cultures and life of their home countries. This in particular was one of the things that made Indonesian classes so absorbing.

My move to Australia made me more aware of the challenges faced in a place with a different language and culture. I studied English at school from the age of 13, and my teacher taught me various formal expressions and complicated English grammar. However, when I arrived in Australia, I met with a good many new expressions which I had never studied before in class.

So I feel that there were other aspects of language that should have been taught to me by my teacher. Perhaps this is the case with all second languages, including learning Indonesian. Because of this, I intend to, as well as I can, balance formal and informal forms of Indonesian if I have the opportunity once more to teach Indonesian to non-native speakers.

Of course this process is not easy. It needs time and a step-by-step approach to achieve results. However, what is most important is starting and then striving to reach your goals! That’s what I say to myself when learning how to comprehend a second language.

So what do you think?

If you’re interested and want to study a second language, and that second language is Indonesian, you can contact me through the contact information listed on this website. We can start by discussing anything at all that you want and need, and together design an online course program that is comfortable for the both of us! I hope I can become your welcome study friend!

‘See’ is ‘lihat’, ‘you’ is ‘Anda’, but ‘see you!’ is ‘sampai jumpa!’. 🙂

(Neno Evans)


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