Hello friends!

Call me Neno. I’m an Indonesian living in Australia since 2017. I am a lover of literature and fashion. 

I studied literature at University. I write poetry and I have published my poems in newspapers and online in Indonesia. 

Besides literature, I also appreciate the beauty of fashion, especially vintage fashion. The love I feel for this subject has deepened to the point where I have decided to further my studies in fashion design and sewing. I’m delighted to introduce you to some of my first designs and products from Brisbane Dandelion. 

I also write a fashion column called ‘Styles of CQ’ which is published weekly in CQ Today.

On this blog, I want to review and write about outfits that I wear and see. I usually share them on my instagram page @dandelioneno.

And finally, I will dedicate a special part of my blog to Indonesian language classes. I used to work as a professional Indonesian language teacher, teaching foreign students. I met many kinds of people from all different parts of the world, who came to Indonesia to study my language. 

I truly enjoy this kind of work. And I will write a little about that experience. Furthermore, if you are interested in studying Indonesian, you can contact me through the contact information listed on this website. I would be delighted to become your online study friend!

You can also contact me through the contact information if you would like to collaborate with me on my fashion and book reviews.

That’s all for the opening of my blog. I hope you enjoy it!