A New Experience As The Face of Number 9 and My Favourite New Dress

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Saturday the 22nd of September was not a usual Saturday for me. It was not a day of rest and relaxation after five days of work. On the contrary, last Saturday was a most busy Saturday during which I worked from morning until night. Strangely, but precisely because of this, I felt delighted and full of energy! I left for Sydney accompanied by my husband for a fashion shoot with a fashion brand from Australia, Number 9 Fashion.

Have you heard of Number 9 Fashion? It’s an Australian brand based in Sydney, which designs and sells modern dresses in a vintage style. I discovered their website a few months after moving to Australia, and found that their style was a style I had always searched for.

Furthermore, they design dresses in various sizes, including XS (6 modern Aus/8 UK), which are very suitable and fitting for me, at a price that is affordable for dresses made with fabric of a high quality.

Soon after ordering a dress for the first time from their website, I was very impressed with their customer service. My dress came quickly and met my expectations. It’s from that point on that my adventures with Number 9 dresses began.

Who would have thought at the time that they were also in the process of organising a competition, The Face of Number 9, for participants to become models for their dresses? Because their dresses are indeed interesting and fit with my own style, I decided to join in with the competition and luckily, I was chosen as one of the models!

On Saturday I met with the other Faces of Number 9, namely Rachel, Becca and Becky. None of us were professional models, just true wearers of retro dresses! And Number 9 Fashion offered us the opportunity to become models for their upcoming collection, so that you can get a picture of how their outfits are worn by regular people.

Without intending it, all four of us represented sizes that were different. I think this makes the Face of Number 9 all the more interesting.

From center to left: Jenny, Neno, Becky, Becka, Ly, Rachel. (Image Credit: http://www.number9fashion.com)

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An Adventure in the Outback With the Audrey Hepburn Collection

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Last weekend, my husband and I drove four hours to an isolated area called ‘The Outback’ in Queensland, Australia. On the way there, we stopped off in a town called Barcaldine to see ‘The Tree of Knowledge’, where the history of the Australian Labour Party began. One hour from there, we arrived at our destination, Longreach. It’s called ‘The Capital of the Outback’. I was immediately impressed by the first views of the old buildings there.

longreach station

This town is indeed very isolated. You cannot find fast-food outlets from America there, nor Australia’s largest supermarket. There are less than 3000 residents in the town. However, because of its interesting history, and the care taken for its historical buildings, this isolated town has an artistic and charming aesthetic.

My husband and I didn’t scurry about doing lots of activities, even though we ended up spending three nights there. However, we enjoyed two interesting activities to refresh ourselves over the long weekend.

The weather in Longreach is very hot at Midday. Because of this, I choose to wear dresses with designs that are very simple, so that they are comfortable, but also attractive. I decide to wear one of the dresses from Lady V London’s Audrey Hepburn Dress collection. If you’re familiar with retro outfits, you’re sure to know that the unique thing about Lady V London clothes is that they are neatly made in England.


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The Enchantment of a Darlene Dress at Sunset

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neno darlene-11

In the twilight I see the light of a falling sun that is truly magnificent from behind the window. The spring air in the small Queensland town is welcoming. I look to my husband, who’s holding a camera while smiling. He knows what I’m thinking. I open my closet and choose a dress that goes with the atmosphere of the sunset! The Darlene Dress!

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